Friday, July 17

Obozo advisor caught lying--on camera--about Iran nuke agreement

Does the name "Ben Rhodes" ring a bell?

Obama appointed Rhodes as "deputy national security advisor," because of his extensive experience in the intelligence community and his long military service.

Hahahahahahaha!  This of course is utter bullshit.  He got the job because his brother David is president of CBS's propaganda division--sometimes called the "News" division.

Ben is nothing if not stupid.  You think I'm just being mean, but consider this:  Two days ago Obama officially confirmed the disastrous nuclear agreement (actually a total giveaway) with Iran.  The *stated* reason for negotiating was to prevent Iran from developing an atomic bomb for as long as possible.  A key provision would have been to demand that the west would only remove the painstakingly negotiated system of international economic sanctions on the Iranian regime if it allowed no-notice inspections of suspected bomb development sites.

The actual agreement does not contain that provision.  Also, no Americans will be allowed in the inspection teams.

Getting the picture yet?

Immediately after the cave-in was announced, critics noted what I just wrote, and began to criticize the thing as a disaster for the U.S.  At which point Rhodes went on CNN to defend Obozo's treason, and said
 "We never sought 'anytime, anywhere' inspections."
It took blogger Stephen Hayes about three minutes to unearth the same Ben Rhodes, again on CNN, back on April 6th--just over 3 months earlier--saying of the nearly-negotiated agreement,
"We will have anytime, anywhere access across the nuclear facilities."
Compare the two quotes above.  A total contradiction.  Rhodes can't remember what lies he told 3 months earlier.  Just another lie from the emperor's regime--just like "If you like your health insurance you can keep it."  Remember that whopper?

It's bad enough that the entire Obozo regime utters one huge lie after another, but the *really* worrisome thing is that they're so brazen about it--like the architect of Obozocare, Jon Gruber, making videotaped speeches saying that they counted on the stupidity of the American public to pass the thing.

Of course if you're a liberal/Democrat/"progressive" this is all just dandy.  All is proceeding according to plan.

Congratulations, Democrats.  You must be SO proud.


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