Friday, July 3

Can we learn any lessons from policies in other nations? Leftists: No, not a thing.

Can Americans learn any useful lessons from events in, say, Greece or Tunisia or Libya or Egypt or...fill in the blank?

Leftists, socialists, "progressives" and Democrats want you to believe nothing useful can be learned--that government policies in other nations that produce disastrous results will have totally good results here in the U.S.  Because Obama or something.

This of course is insane:  While different cultures have different values, human nature itself is pretty constant.  So bad policies in one country are likely to be bad if instituted anywhere else.

The Left insists that you avoid drawing that conclusion, because their policies almost always lead to disastrous outcomes in other nations.  Thus most rational adults would conclude that those policies should be avoided here.

For example: Bureaucrats in Greece can retire at age 58 on very generous pensions.  Moreover, they get 14 "monthly" paychecks per year, both before and after retirement.  (Two bonus checks for being such fabulous people.)  The Greek government doesn't want to change this, and as long as they can borrow from financially solvent nations, why should they?

Can you say "Ponzi scheme"?

Before about six years ago Egypt was a popular tourist destination, reasonable stable and reasonably safe.  Now the Muslim Brotherhood has started a terror campaign--much like the communists in South Vietnam back in the 1960's.  But the U.S. Left wants you to welcome many more hundreds of thousands of muslim immigrants into the U.S, because...well, they're the "right" kind of people.  And look what they've done for Egypt!

Oh wait--according to your emperor the Muslim Brotherhood has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.  In fact, they're not really authentic muslims at all!  It's a mystery why they took that name for their group, since they're not really Muslims, eh?

In South Africa--totally run by the communist African National Congress party--half the dockets of criminal cases ready for trial mysteriously disappear forever.  The cops are thoroughly corrupt.  But don't worry, citizen:  There are absolutely NO useful lessons Americans can learn from South Africa.

The European Union has been overwhelmed by illegal immigrants from North Africa, who set out for Italy in old, overloaded boats.  But since the politicians of the EU have announced that their policy is to rescue all such voyagers, the boats keep coming.  But don't worry, citizen:  There is absolutely nothing in this event that would be relevant for Americans.

Polygamy is legal in many Muslim nations but theoretically illegal in Britain.  But because of stupid government policies--often defended as "religious tolerance"--Muslim immigrants with 4 wives and dozens of offspring are living on the dole in the U.K.  That is, the taxpayer is supporting multiple, current wives of the same man.

Values?  You don't get to have any.  But immigrants can break laws with impunity.  And get the taxpayers to support them as they do so.  But no possible lessons for Americans in this disaster.

Not to worry, citizen.  Just ignore it, and everything will be fine.  Let Hillary and Bill and Chelsea and Bernie Sanders run things.  Because "Democrats care about the common man."  Or so they keep saying.


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