Friday, July 17

4 Marines killed in Chattanooga by muzz: The pace accelerates

The murders of 4 U.S. Marines by a 24-year-old Muslim were inevitable, as the pace of Muslim attacks on non-muslims accelerates.

Leftists and children deny this, first because most don't believe it (fair enough)--but a significant number simply refuse to admit it, because to do so would be to admit that their world is founded on unreality and deception,

In France three days ago, two huge petroleum storage tanks were set afire by explosive devices, detonated by cell phones.  The event didn't make the front section of a single U.S. paper.  And in Muzz-cowed Europe all official source sought to pin the event on anything *but* Muzz terrorists.

A week before that, another Muzz attacked an industrial facility and beheaded the plant's manager.  Surely you heard about that on the nightly network "news," right?  No?  Ah, well...why would an American viewer care about overseas events, right?

Now with the Chattanooga murders, the emperor has umm'd an uhh'd his way through an emotionless speech in which he said something like, Well, you know, all shootings matter.

Wow!  Another Churchillian moment for Duh One.  But it was obvious he really wasn't much concerned.  Of course the Left was blase:  To them, one or two or a dozen dead Marines is no big deal.  So when their leader took the same position they were fine with it.

Is there a pattern here?  Don't be ridiculous, citizen!  The killer was simply a "domestic terrorist."  Or a "troubled youth."  Or perhaps the lack of jobs radicalized him.

So you can now expect the lying, traitorous U.S. media to go into protection mode, circling around Dear Liar to explain that the killer in Chattanooga wasn't really Muslim at all.  Yes, his name may have been Mohammod [sic], but that proves nothing.

And his parents may have been muzz, but really, that's just a coincidence.

And so what if his social media page may have touted his anger against American society and his desire to commit jihad?  Lots of confused young men do stuff like that, eh? 

So see, nothing to do with Islam at all, citizen.  And if you think there IS a connection, you're a deranged hater.  Tea partier.  Anti-government.  Probably a domestic terrorist.

Say, do you have all the permits needed for those guns you own?  Have your children had all their shots?  Can you prove it?  Do you have a license for your dog?  Do you collect government-owned rainwater from your gutters?  We fined some anti-government troublemaker in Oregon ten grand for that last year, and you may be next unless...

Have you ever displayed a Confederate flag?  Ever made a favorable comment about the South?  Do you own a scoped rifle?  More than one box of ammunition?  Have you ever gone to a shooting range?  Ever made a comment critical of "undocumented immigration"?  Ever made a comment critical of the president?  Critical of his wife's lavish vacations, perhaps?

You don't want to make trouble, do you, citizen?  Because you've now violated, oh, 23 laws that could put you away for, oh, five years easy.  So sit down and STFU.  We done tol' ya the "little thing" [1] in Chattanooga had "nothing whatsoever to do with Islam," so you will believe us, and sit down.

[1] re: "little thing:"  the exact words Democrat rep Luis Gutierrez used to describe the murder of Kathy Steinle in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant last week.  Gutierrez is the embodiment of evil.


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