Thursday, June 4

U.S. liberals: "We're all just alike." Palestinian TV: "Not so fast..."

"They're just like us."

How many times have you read that phrase in a mainstream publication, or heard it said on a mainstream cable network, or on a liberal website, all applied to ISIS or Iranians or Palestinians?

Well here's a calibration check for ya:  A palestinian school girl--maybe ten years old--is shown on Pali TV reciting a poem.

Aw, ain't that cute?  What are the words?

Ah, here comes the translation.  Let's see here: "Jews are barbaric monkeys, most evil among creations."

Now obviously kids only know what they've been taught, so if you heard some kid on the street saying something really hateful, you sort of shrug it off.  They don't know better.  But when a television network shows this girl reciting this poem--without criticism--it's an entirely different matter:  The adults clearly agree with her, because they're giving her this far-reaching electronic platform to get this exact message out.

So let's see here:  We teach our kids that everyone is alike, all religions are equally valid and so on.  And they're teaching...well, you see.

How do you think that's gonna work out?

Now, I'm not Jewish, don't work for an Israeli company, don't own any stock in one.  My sole point here is the astonishing discrepancy between what U.S. liberals are spouting (and teaching your kids) about how everyone is alike, kumbayah, and what the major players over in the mid-east are teaching *their* kids.

But really, we're all just alike, right?

Meanwhile the emperor continues to chide Netanyahu for not jumping on-board making Palestine a state.  Uh-huh.  This cartoon gets Obama's position about right:


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