Tuesday, June 2

ISIS bans people from...keeping pigeons? Punishable by flogging. Really. Not kidding.

The murderous thugs of ISIS have issued an "official" ban on keeping pigeons.

Yes, you read that right.  These moronic muzz-thugs claim the sight of the birds' genitals as they fly overhead is offensive to Islam, and have told pigeon breeders they have one week to get rid of their birds or face public flogging.

This isn't the first time ISIS has targeted people who keep pigeons--a popular hobby in the Middle East.  Earlier this year it was claimed that ISIS thugs executed 3 boys after the thugs claimed the hobby reduced the amount of time they could have devoted to prayer.

The new ban on pigeon keeping was contained in an actual written document released by the group's leaders.
All those who keep pigeons above the roofs of their houses must stop doing this entirely within a week of the date of the issuing of this statement.  Whoever violates it will be subject to consequences of reprimand including a financial fine, imprisonment and flogging.

When rumours of an ISIS ban on pigeons began circulating earlier this year it was widely thought that the ban was because ISIS thought the birds could be used to either smuggle anti-ISIS messages or cigarettes, but the new ban clearly states that it's intended 'to put a stop to the greater criminal act of harming one's Muslim and Muslim women neighbours, revealing the [bird's] genitals and wasting time.'

In January the terror group rounded up 15 boys in the eastern Iraqi province of Diyala, close to Baghdad. who were charged with 'wasting time' rearing the birds.  It executed three of them.  Families of the others were forced to pay as much as £1,200 each to secure their release after the group were snatched from their homes

According to witnesses ISIS thugs searched every house for pigeons, stuffing any birds that they found into bags and taking them away.  Abu Abdullah, a farmer, told NBC News he had managed to get the money together by borrowing from family. Others had handed over jewelry to secure their sons' release.  Mr Abdullah said his son had been severely beaten and warned not to keep pigeons again.

Mr Abdullah, 52, said he was standing beside his son when ISIS militants stormed the family home and kidnapped his son. He said: 'I asked them why and they said: 'He is not following the real Islam, he must be punished for being a pigeon breeder. This habit is taking him away from worshiping Allah.'
I begged them to know where are they taking him, what are they going to do to him. They said he is going to be taken to be judged according to the Islamic Sharia.  They pushed me, and when my son tried to stop them from pushing me they beat him. Then they put him inside the car and left.
Stupid, dhimmi American politicians note well the phrases in red above:  You may think none of  this has anything to do with Islam.  But the thugs--now numbering close to 100,000--sure as shit believe they're the true messengers of Islam.  So the fact that you dumb-ass American politicians and liberals--who are NOT Muslim--think you know how to tell who is and who isn't muzz doesn't impress me a bit.

You're idiots.  Morons.  You remind me of highschool kids who--on the basis of what they've been taught by their leftist teachers in 3 or 4 years--are absolutely certain that
a) the U.S. is the source of all problems in the world;
b) all the great things in this country just magically appeared somehow, with no effort required;
c) that Government is the biggest and best creator of jobs; and on and on.
I can't blame the highschoolers--they only know what they've been taught.  But you pols should know better.  When the shit hits the fan here in the U.S.--terror attacks on all manner of civilian targets--you will be to blame for throwing our borders wide open, and for lying to Americans about Islam.

May your names be cursed for generations.

To whoever reads this:  Bet you didn't hear about it before now.  Why didn't it make the U.S. news?  After all, it's got all the "hooks" needed: nutty religious people targeting people for keeping harmless birds, and threatening said keepers with flogging--in some cases killing them--if they disobey.

So why didn't it make any national news here?  (I found the story in the UK's Daily Mail.)

Because all the networks and major papers are scared to fucking death of criticizing Islam.

Oh wait, I forgot:  ISIS has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.  You will disregard the fact that the first two letters stand for "Islamic State."  And it's simply a coincidence that U.S.-based Muzz groups like CAIR either don't criticize ISIS or are very very muted when doing so, saying neutral things like "Oh, well, the rights of ALL people should be respected."  Great.


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