Thursday, May 14

The emperor invites six mideast nations to summit; heads of four of 'em say no thanks

Ah, the stunning victories and brilliant maneuvers of emperor Barack Hussein Obama continue.

As some of you know, he had called a "summit" with Arab leaders.  But then the king of Saudi Arabia backed out of the summit just two days after the White House announced he was going to attend.  The last-minute move was widely perceived as a deliberate snub, and the excuse used for the king's absence didn't change this conclusion.

But the Saudis didn't totally dis our magnificent emperor.  Instead the Saudi king sent two princes to attend this really, really crucial conference in his place.

Whereupon your brilliant emperor incorrectly introduced the deputy crown prince and misnamed the founder of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Imagine the shrieks from the Lying Media and the talking heads if Bush had done something like this.  Shit would have led every evening newscast for three days.  But under the emperor's reign...crickets.

The Saudi king's snub was followed by the same move by the heads of state of four of the six nations invited by Obama.

But don't worry--the weren't dissing Bullshit Barry.  Really.  Reeeeally.  The just had a buncha really important stuff they had to take care of, y'know?  Like, one head of state said he'd committed to go to a horse show with the Queen of England, so, you know....

Again, imagine the reaction from the media if Bush had invited six nations to a summit, and the heads of four of the six sent regrets.  Wow, the fireworks would have been amazing.  But ol' Bullshit gets a pass, because the media love their Bullshit.


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