Thursday, May 14

Globull waming zealots petition AP to change style book to only use "Climate deniers"

The folks that run the media--the editors and reporters and wire-service execs--know how important words are.  Thus in most media quarters the cold-blooded murderers of ISIS and Boko Haram are referred to simply as "militants."  And for a short period the NY Times even called those who attacked Israeli settlements "freedom fighters."

Most Americans consider arguments over what something is officially called to be totally esoteric, like arguing whether the 70th digit of pi should be a 3 or a 4.  But the "elites" know that what you agree to name something can swing millions to or away from sympathy and support.

Thus it is that a group of folks who believe a) the planet is warming stubstantially and dangerously; b) that the warming is caused by rising CO2; c) that a huge portion of the evil CO2 is caused by humans; and finally d) that if Americans just stopped driving and reduced our electrical usage by, say, 80 percent, these problems would be solved; have launched a petition.

The purpose of the petition is to get the Associated Press to change their "stylebook" to end the use of the phrase "climate skeptic," and instead substitute "climate denier."

Naturally you think this is a spoof, a hoax to see how many people will believe something so utterly stupid.  But sadly, it appears to be all too real.  Here it is:

Precious, huh?  These are the people who won't stand and debate, because they know their theory is absolutely full of holes.  But if they can't win on the merits, they can score points by demanding that the media change the name of their opponent.

Hey, makes sense.


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