Monday, May 25

Cultural marxists and fires

Wanna see how prizing and prioritizing "political correctness" eventually gets people killed?  Like this:

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and his comrades in the courts have ordered the city's fire department to hire on the basis of race and gender.  Which of course means prudent FD bosses are essentially unwilling to fire employees of the protected classes lest their own careers be ended.

Which leads us to a so-called "fireman" named Michael Johnson.  According to the NY Post, Johnson goes to fires but doesn't fight them. Instead he stays out of harm's way while his colleagues rush into burning buildings.

Several anonymous firefighters expressed concern about the danger Johnson poses to his colleagues and the public.  They're reluctant to complain or criticize Johnson openly because Johnson was
was one of 282 “priority hires” who had previously been passed over for hiring.

A federal judge decided this was due to discrimination, and ordered the department to increase minority hiring.

So now the department has a guy who won't do the job he was ostensibly hired to do, but they can't fire him.  Eh, no matter--other firefighters will do the work he refuses to do.

But what happens when, say, half the folks in the firehouse have the same outlook?

Nonsense, say the cultural marxists, that can't possibly happen.  Oh and by the way, you're a hater.

Okay, then, cultural marxists:  explain how Johnson happened.


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