Saturday, April 18

Congress asked Hillary about use of private email for govt business back in 2012? She didn't reply

There's been another revelation about Hillary's utter contempt for oversight and lawful government:  Turns out congress was tipped off to Hillary's use of a private email account for official State Department business.  The House Government Oversight committee wrote her three years ago asking if this was true.

Can you guess what her reply was?

She didn't reply.

So the committee asked State.

State didn't reply.

Clever strategy, eh?  If you've done something against the rules and someone calls you on it, just don't answer the charge.  I mean, she knew congress wouldn't do anything, right?  Because "Republican war on women!!"

I predict that if in the 2016 election a hundred precincts in Democrat-run cities come in with ten percent more votes than registered voters--and Democrat operatives are caught on video stuffing ballot boxes and wheeling in wheelbarrow loads of bogus absentee ballots, no one will take any action whatsoever.  Because your officials have tacitly accepted lawbreaking--at least by Democrat pols and their agents.

Oh well.  The emperor's reign has been such a huge success that we might as well have another to follow on those huge successes.  Lord knows the GOP congress isn't doing jack-shit to bring the bastards to justice.


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