Thursday, April 16

Insanity on campus, part gazillion

Colleges and universities have been cesspools of leftist propaganda, misinformation, censorship and gross deprivation of human rights for several decades now.  Examples are too numerous to tally, but include students expelled without a hearing (for saying or doing something politically incorrect), being barred from speaking in public areas (when wanting to convey a conservative or constitutional message) and so on.

Now Katherine Timpf at NR has compiled a list of seven new examples--which confirm what you likely suspected: that universities are hives of liberal insanity disguised as political sophistication.  Here's the list:

1. Bill Maher
When the U.Cal Berkeley announced that Bill Maher would be its graduation speaker last October, more than 6,000 students signed a petition demanding that he be banned because he “perpetuates a dangerous learning environment” and “they cannot stand for any action that makes our students feel unsafe.”

Wait, wasn't Maher once a "hip" comedian of some sort?  How could someone once billed as cool and trendy "perpetuate a dangerous learning environment?  Ah, it seems Mahrer had the gall to utter some  criticism of Islam--the one religion on the planet that liberals approve of and which cannot be criticized in even the most diplomatic, mildest way.

2. Face paint of any color, at any event, ever
Last October Arizona State University’s athletics department banned facepaint — “whether the theme is black, maroon, gold or white” — because ASU is an “inclusive and forward-thinking university” and they must make sure that “everyone feels safe and accepted.” They did not explain whether any students had actually reported feeling threatened by the paint, and if so, how those students were handling their lives currently.

3. A petting-zoo camel (due to concerns over racial tensions)
Students at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota planned to bring a camel (one which had been trained for these kinds of events) to campus last spring as part of a fun “Hump Day” event celebrating the end of the year — only to be told that the idea was not fun, but actually so horribly racist against Middle Eastern students that it would be “possibly unsafe” for anyone to attend. It was canceled.

4. The word “bullet” (not to be confused with actual bullets, which are a perfect example of something that can actually be dangerous)
Last fall, the student newspaper staff at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia decided to change the publication’s name from The Bullet to The Blue and Gray Press on the grounds that the word “bullet” “propagated violence.”

5. Calling freshmen students “freshmen” 
Last November, the administration at Elon University in North Carolina instructed student orientation leaders not to call the freshmen “freshmen” — because the word makes women sound “vulnerable” and therefore suggests that they “might be targets” for sexual violence, according to the school’s Inclusive Community Wellbeing Director. (Yes . . . “Inclusive Community Wellbeing Director.”)
6. Cinco de Mayo–themed parties 
On May 19, 2013, Northwestern University’s Hispanic/Latino Alliance wrote a letter explaining why they were totally not ridiculous for having told students that they shouldn’t drink tequila or eat tacos at parties earlier that month: Sometimes people will be “drinking tequila shots while saying things like ‘cinco de drinko,’” and that contributes to a “campus climate” where Mexican students “feel unwelcome if not often unsafe.”

7. Posters 
Students at Boston College did something crazy last month: They put up posters advocating for free speech without officially registering as a campus group before doing so. School administrators called the cops, and Dean of Students Thomas Mogan explained that the posters were “a nuisance and in some cases a safety hazard.” What he thinks “safety hazard” means remains unclear. Maybe someone had to go into a Cinco de Mayo party to grab one.


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