Friday, January 2

A mysterious explosion and fire a year ago in Minneapolis--and a hasty demolition

Ever hear of a case where some poor bastard is found dead with two or three gunshot wounds and the "authorities" say it was suicide?  Pretty outrageous, eh?

You may also have heard of suspicious deaths (like the one above) where the "authorities" immediately order the body to be cremated--sometimes after the next of kin has specifically asked to take the body for burial.  The excuse, some sort of mis-communication or somethin'.

Yeah, right.

When a suspicious death occurs, normal, rational people would call for a complete, thorough autopsy to shed light on the cause of death.  Conversely, an official who orders immediate cremation is almost certainly covering up a murder, pure and simple.

The same thing applies to buildings that have been subjected to an explosion or mysterious fire:  ALL jurisdictions, from podunk up to the highest level of government, know that you leave the shell intact and send in the forensic investigators.  By taking contact samples from interior surfaces they can detect all manner of explosives and/or "accelerants" used by arsonists.

This is standard procedure even if the wreckage is unstable:  Investigators carefully shore up the remaining structure to allow forensic investigators to do their work.  In some cases robots are sent in to take photos and samples.

So if there's a mysterious explosion, and city officials not only don't bring in a forensic team but actually begin demolition within 48 hours (which is like, light-speed for any gummint agency to act), most people would suspect they were trying hard NOT to find the real cause.

This is what happened a year ago in Minneapolis.  An explosion and fire destroyed a Muslim-owned building housing Somalis.  Initially the fire chief said "We don't know the cause," but shortly thereafter he changed this story to "probably a natural-gas leak."  He said "witnesses" reported smelling gas, but no such witnesses were ever located, and in fact, other residents of the building reported NOT smelling gas before the explosion.

Another odd thing:  Federal DHS agents were on-scene within hours.  They don't usually investigate gas explosions. 

Oh, and a week earlier someone stole a dozen propane tanks six blocks south of the explosion site.  But probably no connection.

If you're curious about this, here's the link.

My interest in this event is not to show a link to Islamic bomb-makers; I think that's been too well established at other incidents.  What I the brazen arrogance of someone up the chain who ordered the building demolished and the debris buried before the normal and routine investigation could be started.

Brazen.  Arrogance.  Of officials who know they'd better do what they're ordered to do or else.

That strikes me as pretty damn ominous.


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