Saturday, October 25

Hypocrisy by the Left, part 354,395

Once again Republicans are caught on live TV carrying out a "war on women."  In this latest episode a young woman was physically assaulted by a man at a party.  After the assault the tearful victim was recorded on police audio reporting the details.

The next day a heartless female talking head on a national TV network prepared to play that audio.  She clearly found the audio highly amusing--and presumably was untroubled by the assault, cackling merrily that "This is quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across.  So sit back and enjoy!" 

Oh, wait...I got part of that wrong:  The network talking-head female wasn't a Republican but was a hard-left liberal on CNN, Carol Costello. 

But what in the world would move a feminist leftist on a national TV network to chortle about a man assaulting a woman?  Isn't that forbidden?

Normally it would be.  But in this case the victim was Bristol Palin, daughter of conservative Republican v.p. candidate Sarah.

Clearly, the left only supports women victims of male assault if the victim is a member of the right party.

Here's the revolting clip of Costello gleefully setting up the audio clip:

Costello followed the clip by saying "You can thank me later."



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