Friday, August 29

Shocker: Lois Lerner's emails are on a server after all--but Obama henchmen say "too hard to find 'em"

If you're a normal, hard-working adult, probably trying to raise kids, chances are great that you've almost forgotten about the IRS scandal of a couple of years ago.  That was the one where a brazen Democrat head of an IRS subdivision used her agency's powers to delay approving tax-exempt status for conservative political organizations--for as much as three years--while quickly approving the same status for similar organizations that supported Democrats and progressive causes.

The person running that little empire was Lois Lerner.

When a House committee asked the head of the IRS to explain, the first story was "nothing of the sort happened."  Then as evidence trickled in, that changed to 'It was all because of a couple of rogue employees in a field office in some far-from-Washington city like Cincinnati.'  Too far away for us to monitor, see?

Then emails started surfacing between the far-away field office and IRS headquarters suggesting that the Obama administration was not only aware but may actually have hatched the plan to begin with, to cripple conservative fund-raising and political efforts.

If so that would have been extremely illegal.

A House committee subpoenaed Lerner to testify.  She took the Fifth.  Then they subpoenaed all Lerner's government emails--at which point the IRS claimed that Lerner's hard-drive had crashed, conveniently wiping out exactly the years of emails that would have held a smoking gun.  Then after computer specialists announced that since emails have both a sender and a receiver, emails Lerner sent would also be on the recipient's computer, the IRS announced that the hard-drives of seven close associates of Lerner's had ALSO crashed and been destroyed.

Rational adults began to suspect something was rotten with this string of coincidences.  But it got worse.

There's a quaint thing called a "law"--which supposedly limited what governments could do.  One such "law" required federal agencies to back up emails and other records.  But unbelievably, the IRS claimed that no such backups existed for their little kingdom.  Yep, we just said "No, thanks, we don't think we'll do that" and that was that.  Cuz laws are for the little people. 

And sure enough, while lots of Americans were stunned and outraged by this, the public's attention predictably turned elsewhere.  The Obama administration seemed to have escaped.

Then a week ago attorneys for the IRS told Judicial Watch that, um, all the IRS records--including Lois Lerner’s emails--were indeed backed up on a government server.  But the Obama administration said it would be too hard to search this back-up system to find Lerner's emails.

Ah, got it.  Too hard to do.  Check.  Well then, off you go.  Have a nice day.

This is a jaw-dropping revelation.  Shockingly, the Obama administration--through their appointees at the IRS--has been lying to the American people for a year in claiming no backups for IRS records existed.  Lois Lerner’s emails are NOT missing, but rather the Obama administration has lied and refused to provide them, despite a lawsuit and subpoena.

The Obama administration has known all along that the backup records existed – but chose to dishonestly withhold that information.  Their strategy appears to have been that destroying or withholding subpoenaed evidence wouldn't be discovered--or if it was, would cause less damage to Democrats than whatever is in the files they’ve so far concealed and lied about.

This is sure evidence of a government with nothing but pure contempt for the people.


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