Wednesday, August 13

ISIS beheading Christian children in Iraq

Of course you've heard of ISIS--now renamed the Islamic State.  Here are some photos of their work in Iraq.

Do NOT click the link if you're squeamish.

If you do click, you'll see some gruesome scenes--including a beheaded young Christian girl.

Wait, wait:  How could anyone possibly behead a young girl?  It's just not possible that a human would do that.  And the source is a Catholic site, so maybe this is propaganda? 

Wait, that must be it:  The pic must be a photoshop.

All those pics must be photoshops.

Yeah, dat's it.  Just keep telling yourself:  They're all photoshops.

Because the alternative--that the pics are real--is too horrible to believe.

All photoshops.  Gotta be. 

Keep telling yourself that.  That'll protect you.


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