Saturday, August 9

Is Obama malicious or merely incompetent?

If you were flying on a commercial jet and the pilot did something almost certain to cause the plane to crash, would you spend any time debating whether the action was malicious or merely dumb?

I suggest that while that question might be of interest to historians, it would make little difference to you.

Similarly, it makes little difference to me whether Obama is overtly *trying* to destroy the U.S. or is merely incompetent.  The outcome is likely to be the same either way.

Obama seems to have several policies that most rational adults could predict will lead to bad results:  Open borders; amnesty for illegal aliens; illegally using the IRS for political purposes; selectively deciding which laws federal agents won't enforce; cutting our armed forces; making it harder or more costly for business to hire; approving EPA rules that will make manufacturing more costly; taking over health insurance, and decimating the ranks of doctors; appointing education chiefs with crappy, anti-American records;

Simultaneously, reality is showing the crucial importance of border control, maintaining a strong military to combat genuine barbarian monsters; the need for secure energy supplies and a strong economy.

I don't know whether Obama is just inept and making dumb decisions or is trying to destroy the U.S.

Personally I think the first answer is more likely.  But it seems to me we end up with the same outcome either way.


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