Wednesday, June 18

Team Obama wants to *quietly* send new illegals to *rural* locations

As you've all heard by now, there's a new wave of illegal immigrants flooding across the Mexican border.  The flood consists mostly of women and children, and sometimes unaccompanied children, and they're coming because the word is out that the Obama administration not only won't deport anyone with children, but will give you free transportation to anywhere in the U.S.

With a deal like that, the flood is hardly surprising.

Of the many, many problems this will cause, one immediate one was where to put all the new illegal border crossers.  But since Obozo is head of the military he simply ordered the military to house and feed 'em on military bases.  Unfortunately for Obie and the Democrats, rank-and-file members of the military started to tell the press details of the op, and that's...shall we say, problematic for the Dems.

But rather than doing something to discourage this new flood of illegal immigrants, Team Obama seems determined to let the flood continue, since that not only wins hearty approval from Hispanic voters but also adds tens of thousands of new Democrat votes for the next 60 years or so.

But with the military starting to quietly object to housing illegals, Team Obama has had to look for other places to put 'em.  Democrats objected to their cities and states being selected, but finally some politician seems to have found the Golden Solution:  Put 'em in facilities in rural areas, because there aren't enough voters there to raise a big stink.

Thus officials at HHS found St. Paul's College, a recently closed historically black college in tiny Lawrenceville, Virginia, and quietly--without notifying anyone in the town, let alone asking for public comments--signed a lease.

But word quickly got out, and Rep. Robert Hurt, the Republican congressman who represents the district, sent a letter to HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell asking her to halt the project.

I think two things are worth noting about this:  First is the fact that Team Obama deliberately selected the rural location to house the illegals.  You might be curious as to why.  Of course they won't tell you, but a fair guess is that they thought no one would have enough clout to stop them.

Second is the tone-deafness of Team Obama in ordering HHS to do this without asking for public comment, or consulting with local officials.  That is, they tried to slip this in as a "done deal."  "Gosh, if you'd only said something sooner we could have changed The Plan, but now it's too late.  Sorry."

A government that acts this way should worry you.

Is my memory bad or did Obama promise that this was gonna be "the most transparent administration in history"?  I guess "transparent" can be defined in different and often contradictory ways.  At least if you're Barack Hussein Obama.


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