Saturday, June 14

Islamic thugs video themselves executing hundreds of unarmed men (surrendered soldiers); media silent

One of the theoretical "rules of warfare"--observed only by civilized nations, unfortunately--is that you don't kill enemy troops who have surrendered or have been captured.

Not surprisingly, Muslims don't recognize this convention.  (These are the folks who think it's reasonable to kidnap unarmed school girls and sell them, so no surprise.)

When ISIS forces captured Mosul, Iraq a few days ago roughly 4,500 Iraqi soldiers and police surrendered.

The victors freed all Sunnis, then trucked over a thousand Shi'ite prisoners outside of down, forced them to lie on the sand...and executed all of them.

And videotaped it.  You can see photos from the videos here.

According to ISIS (obviously impossible to verify) they executed one thousand seven-hundred young men.

This should be mind-boggling.  It should show western liberals, Democrats and "progressives" what you're really dealing with here.

But of course it won't, because they are too tightly bound to The Fable, the narrative, that all religions and all cultures are equally valid.  No earthly power is strong enough to shake that faith.

The only saving grace in this ghastly act is that the dumb bastards of ISIS posted videos of their mates executing the bound, prone prisoners--and with any luck at all Iraqi commanders will play this tape for their troops, telling them "The enemy posted videos of them machine-gunning 1,700 of your fellow soldiers.  This is who they are and what they do to you if you surrender."

"So never surrender.  Better to kill a dozen of them with your last bullets than to be executed on the ground like a goat."

Hopefully viewing the vid of this ghastly, inhumane act will motivate the Iraqi troops to never surrender.

Oh, Leftists?  Please do try to claim these videos are all fake, or photoshopped.  By George Bush and Karl Rove, no doubt.  Please try your best to convince sleepy Americans that executing 1,700 unarmed prisoners is not only un-Islamic but is no reflection on Islam whatsoever.  Please, please, please.

I just know one of you is brazen enough (and unhinged enough) to go on a Sunday talk show and try this.


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