Tuesday, June 17

Terrorists invade Kenyan village, kill anyone who says they aren't Muslim

A couple of days ago, as residents of a village in Kenya were watching the World Cup, cars loaded with about 30 armed men pulled up.  The men got out and began going door to door asking males who answered if they were Muslim.

If the answer was no, the men shot the person.

The attackers killed 48 people.

Survivors said they believed the attackers were members of the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab.  In any case the fact that they killed anyone who said they weren't Muslim is a strong clue to the identity of the attackers.

At about the same time Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan chopped off the index fingers of 11 men who voted in that country's just-held election.  The terrorists had warned people not to vote--because Muslims in the Middle-East believe democracy is incompatible with Islam.  Thus they order everyone not to participate in it.

Also in Afghanistan terrorists detonated a series of bombs to disrupt the election, killing 60 people.

The federal government keeps telling you Islam is a peaceful religion.  They tell you all this violence is caused by people who are not following the dictates of the Koran.  But oddly, the terrorists doing the shooting and bombing seem to think they're doing exactly what their religion commands its followers to do.

How...odd.  Oh, wait, I know:  The U.S. government knows more about Islam than Muslims do.

Yeah, dat's it.

There's a powerful message here for anyone with ears to hear.

You really should click on the link (goes to the U.K. Daily Mail).  It's loaded with photos you'll never see in American media--because the photos destroy the Official Fable. 


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