Friday, June 13

Why does Obama say so *many* things that are so wildly untrue?

Unless you've been hiding you've probably heard that an affiliate of al-Qaeda called "The Islamic army of Iraq and the Levant" has captured Iraq's second-largest city.  An estimated 400 to 800 fighters defeated ten times that number of government security forces.

One key to their victory was that Iraqi government security forces dropped their weapons, shed their uniforms and fled.  Hard to blame 'em, really--who wants to be beheaded for defending a corrupt and useless government?

One result of this stunning victory is that the al-Qaeda forces seized roughly half a Billion dollars in gold and banknotes from banks in the captured city, along with roughly a billion dollars worth of weapons--many supplied by the U.S. to the government of Iraq.

So it was a huge coup for the al-Qaeda offshoot, comparable to Pearl Harbor in its surprise, speed and total defeat of Iraqi government forces.

Wait...didn't we hear some high-ranking U.S. official say a few months ago that "al-Qaeda is on the run all over the world"?  Who the hell was that?  I'll bet whoever it was really has egg on his face, and a hard time showing it on the D.C. party circuit.  What a moron!  Hope the guy got fired, cuz he obviouly isn't competent.

Oooh, wait...the guy who said that was...Barack Obama. 

More and more people have started to wonder how Obama can make so many statements that are so far removed from reality.  One theory is that he has a psychological condition in which he believes he is the sole arbiter of reality.  As a result the rest of the world and the people in it--what the rest of us consider reality--are of no importance.

So when he says al-Qaeda is decimated and on the run, and then an al-Q affiliate captures about a third of Iraq, he sees no contradiction--the events on the ground there are only important if they can be used to advance his political position.  Or he'll say it's not really al-Qaeda, and he was right with his first statement.  Or you misunderstood him--he never said it.  If you have it on video it must have been doctored or photoshopped.  Or it was true at the time he said it, but the eeevil Rethuglicans and George Bush shipped arms to the al-Qaeda fighters so obviously you can't blame Obama.

Yeah, dat's it.

If anything goes wrong, Obama convinces you it's someone else's fault.  Thus he'll tell you  Obamacare won't cost a penny, that you can keep your doctor, that al-Qaeda has been decimated and so on.  The fact that none of these things turn out to be true is your problem, not his.

He just wants to talk and have his listeners swoon over his words. 


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