Saturday, June 21

IRS head testifies before congress. And you'll *never believe* how many coincidences...!

A couple of years ago congressional Republicans started hearing complaints from Americans that the IRS was demanding that they provide outrageously detailed, intrusive, personal information as a condition of applying for status as tax-exempt organizations.  The constituents believed the detailed questionnaires were deliberately designed to delayed the tax-exempt status, to keep them from acting before the next election.  Whereupon congress asked the IRS about these charges.

The IRS denied there was any such activity.

Those denials quickly proved to be lies.

After the IRS acknowledged the harassment, they blamed it on "rogue employees in one office in Cincinnati."

That too proved to be a lie.

The lead IRS official of the division examining tax-exempt applications was one Lois Lerner.  The House asked her to testify.

She took the 5th.

And then--by an amazing coincidence--just ten days after congress started investigating Lerner...well you're never gonna believe this but... her computer's hard-drive crashed, destroying two years worth of emails.

Not only crashed, but crashed so badly as to wipe out all the data.  And the crash didn't just destroy the data, but did so so thoroughly that even the most expert experts the IRS could find couldn't recover any of it! 

And you're really not gonna believe this, but again--by amazing coincidence, the two years of emails  supposedly wiped out were exactly the years that if there were any orders from D.C. to delay conservative organizations by demanding answers to lengthy bullshit questionnaires, this is when they would have been discussed extensively with higher-ups in government.

"Wow, congressman, this really isn't your day, eh?"
This hard-drive crash--that supposedly wiped out two years of crucial email evidence--supposedly happened in 2012 or so--a full year after the congressional investigation began.  Yet the IRS didn't bother notifying congress about it.  Cuz, you know...

But don't worry, congressman, federal law requires that we back up emails.  So we'll get those to ya right away.  Oh, wait:  we didn't bother backing up those emails. Cuz we're government managers, so we don't have to obey your stupid laws.

Here's what the rat-faced HEAD of the IRS actually said to the House committee investigating IRS lawbreaking:
"Emails aren't official documents, so we don't have to back 'em up."
I know you'll be absolutely astonished to hear that this...was also a lie.  The IRS manual says emails are official documents.  But you can't be upset with the head of the IRS for not knowing that, citizen, cuz...well it's obvious: he's so fucking important that he can't be bothered to be up to speed on trivia like that--even though that was the whole subject of the hearing.

And then the coup de grace:  The IRS told congress...and you're really not gonna believe this one, cuz...well, it's such a coincidence, but--the head of the IRS casually told the House committee that, by the way, the hard-drives of six other IRS employees close to Lois Lerner also crashed. And wiped out emails.

Yes, those same emails.

Hey, I told ya you weren't gonna believe it.  I mean, what are the odds of so many hard-drives, in this one division, all crashing at virtually the same time?  I mean, it's...almost unbelievable.

As the NY Post put it, this isn't just "the dog ate my homework" but “The dog ate my hard drive, broke into another building, ate the backup of the hard drive, then broke into six other top officials’ offices and ate their hard drives too.” 

Oh yeah.  You bet.

I can certainly understand if you have a hard time believing all this.  To say it's astronomically unlikely to be true is putting it mildly.  Virtually impossible.

Click on this link.  Then click on this one.  Watch this goofy IRS director testify and tell me he ain't laughing at the whole country.  Why?  Because he knows he's got protection.  Knows that the justice system will never hold him to account. This is how the game is played when the president blatantly breaks the laws of the land.

I gotta admit I'm sick to the eyeballs of all these assholes.  It wouldn't bother me a bit if they all were jailed for life.  Or executed.  At this point I don't care one way or the other.


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