Sunday, May 25

Two billboards in El Paso painted with "mysterious message"--libs baffled as to meaning

In the middle of the night in El Paso, two billboards were painted with a curious message:


The message translates "silver or lead," and its meaning is well known to Mexicans.  It's a message from drug cartels to law enforcement warning the latter to either take a bribe and look the other way, or the cartel will shoot you.

Does that message make y'all feel all warm and fuzzy?  Does it make you want to push congress to grant amnesty to another 16 *million* illegal immigrants--most from Mexico or even worse places?

I think it's telling that the cartel would order a crew to paint these in the U.S.  Clearly either they have so many members or so little fear of U.S. law enforcement that they were willing to risk the operation.

But don't worry, citizen:  Barack and his undertoads say the border is safer than it's been in decades.  So there ya go.

Oh, and for those of you libs who will immediately shriek that this is a fake, from Faux News:  wrong. 


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