Saturday, March 22

BBC host cuts off question on live TV that would have exposed Islamic intolerance

Free speech has been a cornerstone of life in free countries.  But perhaps Britain is falling out of that class--as seen in the following story:

The BBC has a live show called Free Speech, and on March 12th it was doing a live feed from a mosque.  One of the pre-recorded questions asked--and broadcast--was “When will it be right to be Muslim and gay?”

But of course, no one is allowed to ask Muslim imams tough questions, so before anyone on the panel or studio audience had a chance to answer, the host interrupted, saying the question had been dropped in response to the concerns of the mosque.

Well isn't that special.  Wouldn't wanna ask 'em any questions that might prove to western chowderheads that Islam is *not* a system they should be supporting.


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