Friday, March 14

Venezuelan street scene

If you have enough brains to come in out of the rain, the vid below will tell you a great deal.

It's from Venezuela, and shows long queues outside three markets.  The people line up because--because they see *other* people queuing up. 

In Venezuela, under the woeful socialist mismanagement of N. Maduro (hand-picked successor to Hugo Chavez), *every* consumer good is in short supply.  So when you see a queue, it's probably because someone's brother gave 'em a tip that the market he works at got a shipment of...anything.  So if you join the queue, you might get one package or kilo or liter of...X.  Same thing happened daily in the former Soviet Union and other East Bloc countries.

Multiply all the people in all the queues in the whole country by...what, five bucks an hour?  What's the total national cost of all those wasted hours?

But of course Maduro and his socialist cronies running the gummint don't have to stand in line, so it don't mean shit to them, right?

Endless shortages are the inevitable result of socialist thugs running governments.  And if you think we can keep listening to the Left, and electing their unqualified socialist candidates to office, and still avoid this fate, you deserve to live it.

Socialism sounds *so* seductive, but is a prescription for shortages and failure.

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