Sunday, March 16

Leftist prof at leftist college claims Muslim professor threatened to have her killed; college's administrators laugh it off

At liberal Oberlin college a male Muslim professor threatened a female professor with death.

EunJung An, associate professor of French and cinema studies, filed suit in Lorain County Common Pleas Court charging that professor Ali Yedes, during a 45-minute tirade, yelled that “in his culture, he could have had the female department chair killed because of his perceived mistreatment by her in postponing his tenure,” the lawsuit claims.

The suit also alleges that Yedes told another professor that he'd brought his nephew to the United States on a student visa specifically to “stab and kill someone from his department.”  When the nephew didn’t follow through, Yedes allegedly beat him and the nephew fled the country, the suit said

I can't decide which way to come down on this.  I mean, gosh, misogynistic Muzzie males?  Is this supposed to be some sort of shocking revelation and no one had any inking?  I'm not at all excusing this or minimizing it.  The thug should be deported, then beaten severely.  But that's not my point.

It's the irony of a female prof at a hard-leftist/feminist college suddenly coming face to face with Islamic...uh...thinking.  I mean, American feminists and leftists have uniformly supported the Muslims through virtually every atrocity committed by the latter.  They've wailed that Americans are the bad guys, and American *males* are just...well, just awful, terrible, beyond the bounds of civilized behavior! 

Hey, we warned you that you were *way* off there.  You wouldn't listen, of course.  You were *so* convinced you were right about Islam, and about America, and no one and nothing could convince you otherwise.

So I'll be watching all the leftist/"progressive" sites to see if there's any muttering about this.  Pretty sure there won't be.

Communism had a phrase--in fact Stalin himself used it:  "useful idiots." 



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