Thursday, March 13

Best and brightest leaving France...because...same government policies as the U.S.

You need to watch this video.  It's about French youth and rich French families leaving France.

Why are they leaving?  Because the French government has made it prohibitively difficult to start and run a business.  Oh, and because their president has said he hates the rich.

Translation:  "You feelthy riche aw not welcome here in Frahnce."

Yeah, I think that would pretty much clear out most of the rich all right.  Just like it's doing it here.  The "resident" of the White House has made it clear that eliminating income inequality is his top priority.  His wacko liberal media have been taking up that call in spades.

Ten years from now, anyone having 20% more money than the "average"--which will be determined by some pencil-necked gummint bureaucrat (think Lois Lerner) will be declared a criminal and enemy of the State.


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