Friday, March 21

WaPost writer re-writes history; somehow it gets past those "layers and layers of editors"

Wanna see how clever propagandists operate?  A couple of days ago the Washington Post ran a photo piece looking at relations between the U.S. and Russia.  It featured this caption:

In 2014, the fall of Viktor Yanukovych's pro-Russia government in Ukraine creates a crisis. Here President Obama talks on the phone with Putin after reports that Russian troops have entered the Russian province of Crimea.

"...Russian troops have entered the Russian province of Crimea"?  Hey comrade, did you know Crimea was a Russian province?  Well of course it was before 1954, and now it is, but before a week ago that would have come as a huge surprise to Ukraine, which had a big naval base there.

See how easy it is to fool a million readers (many of whom are members of the so-called "elites" who write news scripts and do gummint analyses)?  Let alone to fool the millions of ordinary Americans who lack enough awareness to know the actual facts.  But hey, isn't that the media's job--telling low-information voters anything that will reassure them about Democrat competence?

Note that this can't have been accidental either, because the Lying Media keep telling us that they have "layers and layers" of editors who would obviously caught such an egregious mistake.  (And the captions were cut & pasted from the online version, so weren't hard to read.)


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