Monday, November 11

"The president could have been clearer" in saying "If you like your health-care you can keep it...period"

Liberals and "progressives" use a predictable pattern for excusing their lies.  First denial: "We never said that!"  Then when all the videotape and documents start surfacing they shift to "C'mon, that was just a trivial mis-statement, a mere slip of the tongue."  Proggie flacks like Greg Sargent will write op-eds grudgingly conceding that "the president could have been clearer."

But of course lack of clarity was never the problem:  The fact is that Obama looked you right in the face and lied, lied, lied.  So when the number of instances caught on tape becomes overwhelming they shift to "When we said that, it wasn't a lie--we just didn't really *mean* it."

Six months later it's "The Rethuglicans *knew* we didn't mean that, and yet they went along with it, which shows that they actually supported our program."

Still later it's "Every difficult our program may have had was due to Republican sabotage and obstructionism!  So all the problems are their fault.  If they hadn't obstructed, it would be working just perfectly!"

Obama’s statements were not ”narrowly untrue.” They were broadly, knowingly and entirely untrue. He repeated them over and over again, often straight into the camera.  He wasn’t unclear. He was clearly dishonest. Coolly, smoothly, brazenly deceitful.

And now that it’s the law of the land, Obamacare supporters act as if all the lies were no big deal and no serious person believed them anyway.

But if Obama had been honest about the trade-offs in his signature piece of legislation, it would never have passed.  They had to pull out every stop to barely pass it as it was, and if Obama had been honest about the level of coercion--forced cancellations and so on--it would never have passed.

So don’t try to tell us the lies don’t matter.

This law was passed due to the endless lies about what it would involve.  And now, when the Democrats’ lies are proving politically inconvenient, you're hearing that if Republicans were smart they’d accept the law and work with Dems to fix it.

By this logic we shouldn't have fought World War 2 but should simply have worked with Hitler, Mussolini and Japan to make the Axis powers obey the rules of parliamentary procedure.


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