Monday, November 18

Democrat blames Repubs for cutting Medicare funding, when in reality...

One of the repeated, predictable acts of so-called "progressives" and Democrats is to accuse conservatives of doing what the "progressives" themselves are doing.  It's a deflection tactic, since it's hard for most people to believe that a sane, honest person would do something that nasty.

Enter Democrat Jim McDermott, long-time representative from Washington state.

Appearing on MSNBC (a Dem-loving forum) McDermott said
We have unemployment insurance. We have Social Security, we have welfare programs of people who don’t have money, and now, we’re going to get a healthcare system for everybody, we’ve had one for senior citizens and for children. And the Republican establishment, the Tea Party people are bound and determined to drive us back. And they are starting with healthcare and they’re trying Social Security and they’re trying on Medicare, they simply do not want Americans to have a safety net of security.
They’re both telling lies about what’s happening. The president did not take health insurance away from them, said you could keep it if the insurance companies kept the program the same, but the insurance companies want to make more money. So they cancel the policies, raise the prices, give a few whistles and bells, and say this is what we now have. It is all fabricated to destroy the safety net.
Wait, didn't Obamacare cut something like $200 BILLION from Medicare in order to reduce the net cost of its own ghastly takeover of health insurance?  Why yes, yes it did.

And did Republicans point that out, and warn that Obama and the Democrats were doing exactly what they were doing?

Why yes, yes they did.

But why let facts get in the way of a good propaganda line, eh?

Strategy: "If it sounds good, say it, and facts be damned."

Sorta like "If you like your health insurance you can keep it.  Period."  Catchy.  Let's go with it.


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