Saturday, November 16

150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address Tuesday; Obama declines to attend

This Tuesday will mark the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.  A commemorative ceremony will be held.

Lincoln's brief remarks are considered to be among the most moving--and perceptive--ever uttered by an American.

Barack Obama, who has compared his own achievements--favorably--with those of Lincoln--won't be attending.  No explanation has been offered, and when a reporter asked White House press secretary Jay Carney for an explanation, Carney refused to comment.

Obama's decision to ignore the commemoration of what is arguably the best speech ever given by an American has been headline news in all major newspapers.  Just kidding!  It's been resolutely ignored by the national media.  (Gee, wonder why?)  But Pennsylvania newspapers are furious.  (For those under 35 and not from the region, Gettysburg is in Pennsylvania.  And no, it's not your fault that your highschool didn't teach you that.)

"A profile in cowardice," wrote one.

"How could he not pay his respects to those whose ultimate sacrifices made his presidency possible?" read another.  "How could he not visit and acknowledge the new birth of freedom that is his and our nation's inheritance of that battle?"

Never fear, the explanation for Obama's seeming snub of the Gettysburg Address ceremony was skillfully discovered by the New York Times:  According to the Times an unnamed White House official explained that the president had wanted to speak at the Gettysburg ceremony but because of sabotage of the Affordable Care Act by Republicans in the House he felt he needed to devote all his time to working to repair this fabulous, compassionate law, supported by virtually all Americans.

The wire feed from the Times, above, may have been garbled but I'm pretty sure the gist is accurate.

Or as the infamous former CBS news anchorman and liberal propagandist Dan Rather once described it: "Fake but accurate."


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