Wednesday, November 13

Dem chief: Your policy wasn't cancelled, you were "transitioned"

Last Sunday Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was interviewed on the air about Obamacare, and unveiled the...uh...creative new phrase the Democrats have annointed to describe the cancellation letters millions of Americans have received:

From now on they're to be called “transition letters."

As in, "You're being transitioned into 'better' health-insurance plans."

Wow, that's great, Debbie! So tell us, how are the new plans better? Do they cost less? Lower deductibles? Lower co-pays?

What? You say they cost more and have higher deductibles??  Maybe I'm missing something here:  It sounds to me like the plans are only "better" if you're an insurance executive.

You say they have better benefits?  Like what?  Mandatory maternity care and free birth control for 70-year-olds?  Excuse me, but how in the world is that better?  Debbie, I'm beginning to think that YOU believe we're all dumb as dirt.  Cuz for most of us that ain't better, you statist pig.

Seriously, watch for every media story to start replacing "cancellation letters" with that forward-looking, innocuous phrase, "transition letters."  Sounds soooo much better for the Obama-pushers, doesn't it?

Come to think of it, that may just be exactly what they needed to do to make the ghastly thing work.

No, really.


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