Tuesday, July 9

Obama supporters happily sign petition to repeal the Bill of Rights

I know a lot of liberals must be pretty smart.  But the ranks of Obama supporters also seem to include a huge number of people who--to put it charitably--make certain rocks seem like Rhodes scholars.

A guy in California went up to people in public and asked if they supported the president.  If they said yes he told 'em there was a bill in the works to repeal the archaic, outmoded, ancient "Bill of Rights."  He said this was supported by Obama, and he asked if they'd sign a petition that would "help Obama repeal the Bill of Rights."

He made sure to repeat several times that this petition was to help Obama repeal of the Bill of Rights--and added "all of them."  The Obama supporters didn't even bat an eye.

Oh, and he filmed it all.  Makes for some pretty funny viewing.

The really amusing part is that the signers weren't inner-city 9th-grade dropouts wanting Obamaphones and free rent, but were almost all white and well dressed.  Really makes you wonder. 

Can't decide which explanation is more frightening:  That they didn't understand what the guy was asking 'em to sign...or that they did.


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