Saturday, July 6

Egyptians accuse Obama of hypocrisy?? --L.A. Times

From the L.A. Times:
Now many of the young Egyptians whom Obama tried to reach out to in his
landmark 2009 speech here view the U.S. president as a hypocrite.
WHAT? But...but...but isn't a hypocrite someone who says one thing and does the opposite?   How in the *world* could anyone think that word would apply to our beloved president?  I mean, he promised to "fundamentally change" the U.S., and you can't deny he did just that.

And he promised to close that awful, icky prison thingy at Guantanamo, and everyone knows the only reason he didn't is 'cuz those awful Republicans who controlled both houses of congress back in 2008 blocked every bill the Democrats introduced to do that.

And he got Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to join him in promising that the contents of all congressional bills would be posted on the internet for a full 72 hours before any final vote, as part of his vow to have "the most transparent administration in history. And sure enough, unemployment fell...a LOT!!

And he really reeeeaaally supported the Muslim Brotherhood president, Morsi, until the Egyptian people and military threw his ass out. And now he's standing with the people, because..."The people/ united/ cannot be defeated!!" Everybody, all together now...!

'Course if you're a Morsi supporter, our president is still secretly supporting Morsi. Because, you know, he was elected in a free election an' all.

So it's just ridiculous to call our beloved preezy a hypocrite!

In fact I just saw on Democrats Underground that no one in Egypt actually even said that about him. That this story was all just a lie created by Rethuglicans cuz they're jealous of all his power and smarts!


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