Tuesday, July 9

Leftist spin on a train wreck

A story on Yahoo news shows one of two things (maybe both):  1) Yahoo totally supports Obama and liberal/Dem positions, always; and 2) liberals are either dishonest or don't understand the notion of cause and effect.

The story is about the train that started rolling down a long hill in Quebec.  The train was parked--the crew was sleeping in a local hotel--when the train started rolling.  It picked up enough speed to derail a few miles down-slope.  The wrecked cars caught fire, killing some 50 people in the little town where it crashed.

The train took off because the air-brakes lost pressure in the middle of the night.  The brakes lost pressure because firefighters shut down one of the engines--which happened to be the one supplying air to the brakes.

The firemen shut down the engine because it caught fire.  Minutes later they notified the railroad that they'd done that but the dispatcher--not realizing the significance--took no further action to get personnel out to the train to get another air source to replace the stopped engine.

The post-crash fire was fueled by oil from wrecked tanker cars.  (A huge amount of oil is shipped this way.  It's generally a very safe way to ship, but of course the tank cars can't withstand a train wreck.)

Now here's how Yahoo wrapped up their story:
[The railroad] is one of many North American railroads that have vastly stepped up shipments of crude oil as pipelines from North Dakota and from oil-producing regions in Western Canada fill to capacity, and the accident is bound to raise concern about the practice of transporting oil by rail.
Didja get that?  Railroads have "vastly stepped-up shipments of crude oil as pipelines from...oil-producing regions fill to capacity."  Yeah, I can see that shipping oil by rail thing is shaping up to be a huge problem.  In fact, considering deadly train wrecks like this one, should governments even allow oil producers to move oil by rail? 

Of course, there's a safer way to move oil long distances.  In fact, not only is it safer, it's also MORE ENERGY-EFFICIENT!  It's called...wait for it...a pipeline.  And years ago, energy companies that knew North Dakota and western Canadian fields were starting to be developed proposed building one of these pipelines from the oil fields to U.S. refineries.  And you won't believe this but they didn't even want taxpayer money to do it!  (What nerve!  thinking they could build something useful without gummint money!)

But some asshole high up in the U.S. gummint ordered some unrelated government agency--the "State Department," as I recall--to deny permission to build an oil pipeline to move Canadian crude to the U.S.   You may be asking what the hell State Department has to do with oil production or energy.  Don't ask.

Can you guess who ordered State to nix the pipeline?  That's right!  Barack Hussein Obama, genius and lightworker.  The man who can't string two coherent sentences together without a teleprompter.

But if you're a Dem/leftist, you only reach the conclusion Yahoo published:  that the tragic, deadly train derailment "raise[s] concern about...transporting oil by rail."

Like I said, the notion of cause-and-effect escapes 'em.  Or maybe they do know but are just covering for Duh Won.

"But at this point, what difference could it possibly make?"


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