Friday, April 26

Boston bombing story, part 83

Okay, you gotta read the story at the link.  It's from the Boston Globe and is an interview with the guy who was carjacked by the Marathon bombers.

I really can't condense it, but one thing jumped out at me:  The guy is a 26-year-old Chinese immigrant--who asked the paper to call him Danny instead of his real name.  He came here in 2009 to work on a master's degree in engineering, had started a company and was doing very well--hell, he was driving a $50,000 Mercedes.

I couldn't help comparing Danny's story with that of the bombers:  They'd been given citizenship, scholarships, welfare--seemingly everything--but were mad as hell at the U.S. and all Americans.  They hadn't done very much positive but had largely been slackers.  They didn't seem on a good path.

I wondered if anything other than chance might have accounted for the vast difference in their situations.  Was Danny from a wealthy family, perhaps?  A spy financed by the Chinese army, perhaps?  Could it be that the mother of the bombers--from TV clips seemingly twisted and hyper-dramatic--had passed her negative world-view on to her sons?

Unfortunately, since I've been thoroughly indoctrinated in Political Correctness by our alleged betters in government--with the vital help of our Mainstream Lying Media--I can't come up with anything else that might explain the difference. 

It's a complete mystery.


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