Thursday, April 25

Obama: Use of chemical weapons by Assad would be a "game-changer." Wait....

What world figure said “the use of chemical weapons is a game-changer”?

Why, that was none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

But that was way back in...oh, just ages ago.  And now the White House has received conclusive evidence that the regime of Bashir Assad in Syria has used the nerve gas "sarin"--i.e. a chemical weapon--on Syrian rebels.  Congressional leaders have reportedly received a letter from the White House confirming this conclusion.

Well well well...  So Barky "drew a red line" regarding use of chem weapons, and Assad used 'em.  What do you think Barky will do now that Assad has crossed his line?

If you answered "Not a damn thing," you have a solid understanding of how Obama operates.

See, Obama never thought events would call him on his "red line" ultimatum about the use of chemical weapons.  His m.o. for his whole life has been "Say anything to get to the top and don't worry about whether you'll ever be called on it, because everyone will give you a pass.  Because you're half-black and have a gift of gab.

And if anyone should be foolish enough to question one of your past statements that turned out to be outright bullshit, just mouth some lofty platitude and change the subject.  No one will try to drag you back to the topic, and anyone who did try would quickly be shouted down by your lackeys.

Let's play Armchair National Strategist for a minute:  Is there a *single person* in this country who honestly believes that if New York harbor or Baltimore or Hampton Roads was vaporized by a conveniently-"lost" Iranian atomic bomb, Barky would order U.S. forces to retaliate with nuclear weapons?

I don't think for a second that he'd order any military retaliation at all--even if proof of the bomb's origins was unequivocal.  Reason is that there would always be enough "wiggle room" that would allow him to rationalize doing nothing.

Democrats may retort that this is simply impossible--that if a nuke destroyed half of New York harbor and isotope signatures identified the bomb as Iranian or North Korean or Pakistani, Obozo would be *compelled* to retaliate in kind.

Sorry, no way.  This is the gang that thought they'd get away with a bullshit story that the killings of four Americans in Benghazi was caused by Muslim outrage over a goofy video. They'd rather lie to the American public than call on the U.S. military for help.  (The only reason they're still in Afghanistan is that they can blame that war on Boosh and the GOP.)

Nuclear weapons strategy in two sentences:  If you have nukes and your enemy thinks you just *might* use them, the chances of him attacking you go way down.  But if your enemy thinks you absolutely would *never* use them, their deterrent value drops to zero.

Which is exactly where we find ourselves at the moment.


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