Saturday, April 6

Patrick Leahy thinks we need to rush through immigration "reform"

Patrick Leahy is a Democrat senator from Vermont, and a hard-left so-called "progressive."  He chairs the senate Judiciary Committee, which is a very powerful post.

Recently senator Marco Rubio sent Leahy an letter urging that immigration "reform" [ha.] be done in a transparent, un-rushed manner.  Leahy replied by letter that "if we do not act quickly and decisively we will lose the opportunity we now have to fix our immigration system.”

Tells us, senator Leahy, what is it you think has happened in the past few weeks or months that gives us this allegedly unique "opportunity" to allegedly "fix" immigration.  What is it, in your view, that will be irretrievably lost if we take the time to debate bills before opening the floodgates to ten million more immigrants, drawn by a sudden amnesty or such?

I hope you'll forgive me if I cynically conclude that you're simply posturing to pressure Republicans into supporting a rushed bill granting amnesty, because you want to legalize the 11 million or 15 million or 20 million or how many illegals are here now, because you're highly confident that they'll vote for your party.

Hell, we know a lot of 'em are voting now, even though it's illegal.

Oh, that's right:  They're already here illegally, so what's the big deal about voting illegally?

Patrick, I hope you have kids.  And I hope they eventually realize that you've been working tirelessly to give away their country.


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