Monday, April 8

Obozo postpones missile test to avoid riling North Korea, then claims "We are absolutely not bowing to pressure from them."

Did anyone else notice that the Obama administration has ordered that a routine, long-planned test launch of a missile--from California--be postponed, so as not to upset North Korea?

Did you also notice that the same administration of fools and liars announced "We are absolutely not bowing to pressure from North Korea"?

Yep, on Sunday senior Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer said the decision was "absolutely not" a retreat after Pyongyang's recent aggressive actions against the U.S. and its allies in the Western Pacific.

Yes, he actually said that.  What's even crazier is that over the past 24 hours that exact phrase has appeared roughly 12,000 times as a graphic on all the television networks.  (The phrase "not bowing to pressure north korea" returned 2.5 million hits.)

It's so amusing to watch the MSM uncritically broadcast even an obvious lie by the Obozo administration.  But not surprising, since half of all Americans are literally unable to recognize a brazen lie by a Democrat when they see one.

No surprise at all.


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