Saturday, April 6

Man uses rifle to kill a mom defending her daughter; MSM ignores story

In Arizona on April 1st a 25-year-old man entered the home of a mother and her 13-year-old daughter and demanded that the mother agree to let him have a "romantic relationship" (as the reporter described it) with the 13-year-old.

When the mother refused, the man pulled out a rifle and fatally shot the mother.

Yes, the killer used a rifle--the same class of weapon allegedly used by the Sandy Hook shooter.

Since the shooter used one of those awful, kid-killing rifles, and killed an unarmed mother who was trying to protect her daughter from what the mom saw as an unwise relationship, you'd think this story would have been headline news on the alphabet networks for at least a week.

What?  You say you didn't hear a word about this?

Wow, that's astonishing.  Why would the MSM ignore this story?  It had one of those demon rifles, and a man shooting an unarmed mom trying to keep her daughter out of trouble.  You'd think that would have been national headlines.

Yet the national media totally ignored it.  Given their priority goal of demonizing privately-owned guns--let alone the demon rifle--the lack of national media coverage doesn't make sense.

Oh, wait. You don't suppose the media's disinterest be because the killer was an illegal alien, do ya?  Cuz, you know, you can understand that a story about a scary rifle being used to kill an unarmed mother trying to protect her 13-year-old daughter is only newsworthy if the shooter is a white male American.  If the killer is an illegal alien the MSM immediately reclassifies the story as "not newsworthy."

Oh, and guess which side of the so-called immigration "reform" push the MSM will take?


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