Sunday, April 14

Gas prices have almost doubled in just 5 years--MSM yawns

Victor Davis Hanson lives in California's central valley, and thus has a front-row seat to watch the decline of the former Golden State--which is by all evidence simply the leading edge of the trajectory of the whole U.S.

As many bloggers do, Hanson is struck by the way the media ignores things happening now that they always wailed were so awful before Obozo took office.  For example, he notes that when Bush was in office the Lying Media constantly wailed about high gas prices.  They disproportionately hurt the poor!  They were high because Booosh was conspiring to increase profits for his friends in Big-Oil!

But with Democrat Obama in charge, have you read or heard much in the MSM about how high gas prices are?  Seen any breathless lead stories on the nightly network news?

Democrats snark that the reason you don't see such stories is simply that the price of gasoline hasn't risen much since Obozo took office.

Hahahahahahaha!  In fact, when Bush left office the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in the U.S. was $1.90.  As I'm writing this it's something like $3.70.

In other words, the price has almost doubled in just five years.

Normally you'd think this would be a huge story--any time the cost of a basic commodity that so many have to buy to get to work jumps an average of 20 percent per year, the media have historically screamed it from the rooftops.

But today, with a Dem in the White House and Dems controlling the senate?  Crickets....totally a non-issue.

What would normally be a headline story is a non-issue because the media ignore it, knowing that the average voter can't remember what the price of anything was even a year ago.

And of course, most NY and DC media types don't care how much gas costs since it doesn't directly, significantly affect them.  Sweet, huh.


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