Wednesday, August 8

Obama regime caught lying yet again--media yawns

Remember the "Occupy Wall Street" protests that dominated all the headlines last year? The Mainstream Media were falling all over themselves to get interviews and provide sympathetic coverage.

One particular Occupy scene took place in Portland, Oregon, where protesters took over a park in downtown Portland. It was much like OWS protests in other cities, except apparently this park was owned by the federal govt.

Local cops initially arrested two dozen of the protesters, but then abruptly stopped doing so. Many people were curious about this, especially after it was rumored that the Obozo regime had ordered the federal GSA not to arrest the protesters.

Apparently some reporters asked the White House if they'd ordered the GSA not to arrest the protesters. White House denied giving any such order.

Such an order would be no big deal--cops often ignore things that are techically illegal if they're outnumbered or believe police action will trigger a riot or similar reaction. What makes this ho-hum scenario noteworthy is that after some industrious research and use of the FOIA, a watchdog group has found that a former "commissioner" of the GSA's Public Buildings Service--guy by the name of Robert Peck--has confirmed that the WH did issue the "don't arrest" order.

In an email on Nov. 6, 2011, a DHS official named Caitlin Durkovich asked Peck if it was true that his agency had asked Federal Protective Service officials not to take action against the Occupy Portland protestors. Peck replied that it was true.

So once again the Obama regime is caught in a flat-out lie. But because the "catch" happened almost nine months ago the MSM will be able to claim that this is "old news" and therefore of no interest.

This is a standard procedure for the MSM where Democrats are caught lying.

But remember, there's no such thing as media bias. It's all a figment of your imagination.


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