Saturday, July 28

Obama established racial quota by Executive Order--seriously

Yesterday a post on a blog I like showed what seemed to be a screen-shot of a facebook post by the White House; i.e. a White House press release. Here it is:

It reads,
today President Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the White House Initiatve [sic] on Educational Excellence for African Amerericans [sic].
I read this alleged press release to my wife, noting the misspelling of "Americans" and the typo ("initiatve"). Her immediate reaction was "Obama's staff would never let something like that be posted. So it must be a fake, created by some conservative hackers."

I had to admit she was probably right. I mean, geez, "Amerericans"?? Okay, I don't think the Obammers really think that's how it's spelled, but on the other hand that's not a simple, single-letter typo (which I interpret as intending to hit one key but hitting an adjacent one due to fat-fingering).

And while we all make typos regularly, you'd think that with all the layers of taxpayer-paid editors and proof-readers and deputy-assistant-undersecretaries of public affairs or whatever on the WH payroll, 3 or 4 folks would be reviewing everything that goes out to ensure it's grammatically perfect and correctly states the preezy's position.

So either no one checked this (*really* sloppy) or else it got past however many people we're paying to do the proof-reading (same conclusion). Neither seemed likely, so...had to be a hacker.

But on checking Facebook (.gov, not .com), sure enough the pic in the blogger's screencap was there, with the same text--but without the two misspellings noted above. This suggests the initiative is real, though it doesn't substantiate the errors.

However, the White House version of the FB post did confirm a very clumsy quote from Obozo:
I'm establishing the first-ever White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans so that every child has greater access to a complete and competitive education...
How's that again? He says the new initiative is for African-Americans, but then 3 words later says it's so that "every child" will do better. Obviously the instantaneous contradiction isn't alarming, except that it's so clumsy and careless.

One last thing suggested this was a fake: According to the alleged facebook post (on the WH website) Obama was establishing this new initiative by Executive Order.

Coming on the heels of an earlier Executive Order instructing federal employees to stop deporting illegals if they hadn't committed any other "serious" crime, and his EO providing amnesty to children of illegals provided they had a pulse, and his direction to the Department of Energy to give amazingly generous sweetheart deals worth hundreds of millions of tax dollars to "green" companies founded by his major donors, this was so tone-deaf, and so unnecessary, that I was convinced it had to be fake.

Fortunately the White House Facebook post had a link. And sure enough, there it was: the Executive Order establishing the "initiative."

Click on the link and read the thing. This is official, institutionalized disparate treatment. It has the same effect as government establishing a racial quota, except the quota for non-blacks is zero. While the goal of better academic performance by blacks is certainly a good one, it's generally accepted that the U.S. Supreme Court held (in Regents of Univ. of Cal v. Bakke) that no level of government could establish racial quotas in programs.

But of course, Obama and his Democrat supporters have shown themselves to be totally contemptuous of the Supreme Court and the Constitution when either of those authorities conflicts with whatever they want to do.

Oh, and I'll certainly admit the webpage containing the alleged Executive Order could be a fake too. We'll know in a day or two when Obozo either verifies the initiative or claims it's a fake.

Let me close with two questions: If this had been an "initiative" by George W. Bush, by Executive Order, and reserved exclusively for kids from low-income white families, is there anyone in the entire country who believes it would be legal? Of course not.

And if Mr. Bush had persisted in directing his agency chiefs to support such a program, does anyone believe it wouldn't be an impeachable act? Of course not.

So why, after Obozo does the same thing for black kids, will every single Democrat whistle merrily and look the other way?


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