Monday, July 23

Video: Egyptian "candid camera" gag goes bad

Chilling video clip here, of a "candid camera" type gag filmed by an Egyptian TV crew. They interviewed several prominent Egyptians, but a few minutes into the interview, with the questions becoming more pointed, the interviewer tells the guest that this is actually an Israeli television station.

On hearing this, the guests are furious. Two men (appearing on separate segments) are so angry they attack the crew. One--allegedly a comedian--even slaps the female interviewer, knocking her down.

As the interviewees become more violent, the crew finally tell them it's just a prank. At which point the "comedian" goes over to the woman he slapped and says "You brought it on yourself. Why did you fall down so easily?"

It's said a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case a minute of video could be worth ten times that. You need to see this clip to understand how deeply these Egyptians seem to hate Jews.

And then explain to us all how that "Arab spring" thing is going to end well for the world.


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