Thursday, July 26

Carney refuses to state the capital of Israel

One of the hallmarks of a dishonest, pandering politician is refusal to answer even the most benign question. Now, Jay Carney isn't technically a pol, but obviously works for one. And the press secretary strives to do exactly what the boss wants.

At today's regular White House press briefing a relatively unknown reporter asked Carney "What does the administration consider as the capital of Israel-- Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?" Carney's answer--as shown in this clip--was "Our position hasn't changed."

So what does that mean? That is, what is the administration's position?

Carney again refused to give a responsive answer, merely repeating "Our position hasn't changed." He did this twice more.

Now, I don't have a strong feeling about which city Obozo regards as Israel's capital-- wouldn't believe that crowd if they told me summer was hot. But the fact that they won't commit one way or the other is a hoot.

The reason seems obvious: They want to continue to garner fat campaign contributions from both Arabs and Jews. As long as they don't go on the record on the question, they can privately tell both groups they support whichever one they're speaking to.

And as long as the two groups never compare notes, they'll get away with that evasion.

The clip also shows the reaction of the other "reporters" in the room. Instead of the next "reporter" and the next continuing to ask Carney the same question, until either he gives a responsive answer or the presser ends, the next reporter smoothly changes questions and the incident is over.

So what does that tell you about the mainstream media?

Nothing we didn't know long ago.


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