Wednesday, July 25

Obama has systematically dismantled immigration laws

Obama has steadily and stealthily dismantled virtually every tool and resource used to identify and deport persons in the U.S. illegally. Here's the history:

One of the Left's loud complaints about deporting illegals was that the government wasn't acting against U.S. business that hired illegals. "Go after the businessmen," they said. Accordingly, someone devised a computerized list--called E-Verify--that businesses could use to determine whether someone was could legally work in the U.S. It worked quite well, even though it was never mandatory.

Suddenly faced with an effective deterrent to illegal job-seekers (something they didn't actually want), the administration refused to consider making the use of E-Verify mandatory for all employers, and resisted efforts to permanently reauthorize it.

Next the Obama regime targeted programs that helped local law enforcement identify illegal aliens. Both the 287(g) and the Secure Communities agreements were rewritten so that illegal aliens wouldn't be deported unless they were guilty of some separate, "serious" crime. In effect, it was “don’t ask, don’t tell” for all other illegal aliens.

At this point Obama and his Democrat supporters had effectively instituted a stealth amnesty, but now several states being overwhelmed by illegals committing other crimes began to fight back, passing laws authorizing their own police to enforce what was still the official law of the United States. Obama reacted by instructing his Attorney General to sue three states-- Arizona, South Carolina, and Utah.

The most recent attack was just two months ago: Democrats had long argued that because the children of illegal immigrants had no choice when their parents brought them here, it was unfair to deport them. Thus the "Dream Act" was introduced. However, congress failed to pass it, so in June Obama unilaterally ordered government agencies not to deport "children" of illegal aliens if they were 12 years old or under when they came here.

When he announced this, Obama carefully avoided mentioning that his new edict would affect "children" as old as 30. In addition, shortly thereafter DHS head Napolitano admitted that parents of these children– i.e., illegal alien adults who most certainly did knowingly break the law – would similarly not be deported. Wouldn't be fair to break up the family, see.

With that announcement, amnesty for illegal aliens tripled.

"We tried our plan, and it worked." --Barack Obama


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