Friday, July 20

Pelosi: Obamacare "an act of fiscal stability " ??

Sometimes I think some politicians don't understand the same English the rest of us do. How else to understand Nancy Pelosi's comment on Obozocare:
If we’re talking about fiscal stability, the Affordable Care Act is an act of fiscal stability.
Nancy had been talking about the need to "control" health-care costs. But I don't know of anyone with an IQ above room temperature who believes the government providing health care to millions of people who can't afford it now will save money. Quite the reverse: It's projected to cost tens of billions more than we spend now.

Moreover, if gummint health-care ends up resembling the Medicare model in any way, doctors will end up being forced to treat patients on the gummint's list for some lowball, bureaucrat-approved rate, which will lead to billing patients not on that list (i.e. the ones who are privately insured) more than today.

But that's not the worst of it: It's the total cost of the gummint footing the health care bills for an unknown number of millions of Americans. This is supposed to be "an act of fiscal stability," Nancy?

Clearly this is some new, gobble-speak definition of "stability" that I don't understand. It's stability in the same sense that death is a stable condition.

But at least Nancy was right about one thing: We had to pass the bill to find out what was in it. And we're learning new things all the time.

Wow, thanks, Democrats!


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