Monday, July 30

Leftists and oil

Why do Leftists hate oil so much?

If you live out here in flyover country the Left's argument that "You people need to either stop driving, get electric cars or pay ten bucks a gallon for gas" doesn't win many friends, so the Left needed a more persuasive one.

They found one: "By depending so much on imported oil--much of which comes from the Middle East--we're supporting our enemies. So we need to cut way back on the amount of oil we use."

A year later, God and technology intervened to provide the "Athabasca tar sands," which offered the chance for the U.S. to buy a billion barrels of oil from our Canadian friends (at market prices, of course, which is absolutely as it should be).

OOOPSIE! Canada not being in the Middle East, the claim that "when we use oil we're really supporting our enemies" was...what's the phrase? Oh yeah: "inoperative." So the Left had to do a fast pivot to find a *new* line of bullshit to replace the old, superseded bullshit.

And they found it: "Ooooh, pipelines! Bad, scary, dangerous juju!"

And ten thousand credulous "useful idiots" instantly bought it--hook, line and sinker. No matter that of the 30,000 miles of pressurized pipelines crisscrossing the U.S., and the absolute assurance that any break or fire *anywhere* will lead the evening news on every network, you just don't hear of those happening very often.

Airline crashes kill hundreds of times more people than pipeline accidents..

So are you gonna' start driving from NY to LA from now on?  Didn't think so.

Tell ya what, lefties: If you really hate oil and affordable energy as you claim, give up your petroleum-powered cars, stop flying, stop using air conditioning and indoor ovens, and then we'll talk. Until then I'm gonna keep showing people that you're all ghastly lying hypocrites and that all you're doing is jacking up the price of energy for all of us.  Which of course is your intent.

Just like Obozo's EPA issuing an order that make it uneconomical to keep operating 50 or 60 coal-fired electric generating plants.

Actions have consequences. Obozo is on tape saying if he got elected, no one was gonna be able to open a coal-fired plant in the U.S.

Oh, sorry! What he really said was, "They can try, but they'll go broke."

Nice, huh.

Elections have consequences, folks. Are you better off today than you were four years ago? I'm no fan of Mitt Romney but I'm absolutely sure he understands economics, profit/loss, the effect of economic ceilings and floors, the Keynesian Multiplier theory and marginal costs better than the imposter from Kenya--who, by the way, is still keeping his college records sealed.

What can he possibly be worried about?


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