Tuesday, July 31

Illegal immigrants plan bus tour of U.S.

The provocations by illegal immigrants just get more outrageous every week.

The latest is that 30 self-declared illegals boarded a bus in Arizona Sunday, having announced their intent to tour through the states that have passed the most stringent laws against illegal immigration. The tour is scheduled to end at the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

Of course the real outrage was a month ago when Obozo ordered federal agents not to deport illegals unless they had committed some other, serious crime. That is, Obozo unilaterally ordered federal officers not to enforce federal law.

A president's failure to ensure that the laws are enforced is an impeachable offense.

If I were a GOP hotshot I'd have several videocameras greeting that bus at every stop, and taping federal officers smiling and looking the other way as the occupants board or leave the bus. It would also be interesting if state officials arrested the illegals and tried to hand them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, and tape the reactions of the feds. "Sorry, dude, we're under orders not to enforce the law" would make a tremendously effective campaign ad.


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