Wednesday, September 21

Execs to plead the 5th to avoid testifying before congress

News flash: A House committee has asked executives of Solyndra--the bankrupt "green jobs" company that somehow (!) got half a Billion of your dollars to fund a business scheme that consisted of "make product for X, sell for one-half X"--to appear before them to explain the details of how the loan was obtained.

The flash is: The execs will reportedly "take the fifth," refusing to testify to avoid incriminating themselves.

Can you imagine the screams from the Left/Democrats/"progressives" if this was congressional Democrats investigating a loan program run by a Republican prez, and the beneficiaries refused to testify??

And it gets even better: The source has this quote:
The Solyndra executives had been asked to testify last week but delayed their appearance, saying they would cooperate this week and promising not to invoke their rights to avoid self-incrimination.
Did you get that? They avoided appearing *last week* by promising they'd cooperate this week! And they *promised* not take the fifth!


And yet one week later...

If I were the Repubs I'd jail these SOBs for a month for "contempt of congress." But Repubs are too wussy to do that. So we'll see this again and again, as long as they're investigating a Dem prezident.

I'm sure my Dem readers will want to know the source of this report. Fair enough. After all, if it came from Fox News or some blog or the Republican committee chair it would automatically be dismissed as a total lie, right?

You're absolutely right to be skeptical. (I don't believe a word published in the NY Times, for example.) And sure enough, the source is that bastion of right-wing plotting, ....the Washington Post.

But hey, there wasn't a single bit of incompetence or kickbacks or shady dealing going on. No sir! And you can believe that because...the liberal media says so. And they're absolutely impartial--not in the tank for Obama and the Dems at all.

And you can believe that because...they say so.


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