Sunday, September 18

Major Obama fundraiser was "overseer" of loan-guarantee program

Yesterday the Boston Herald ran a story on the Solyndra scandal, trying to explain why the Obama regime essentially gave half a billion dollars to a company that their own experts said was a disaster headed for bankruptcy.

The focus of their article was a top Obama fundraiser named Steve Spinner, and here's what they found:
Spinner was a Silicon Valley investor who founded a sports and wellness company before he joined the administration in April 2009 after serving on Obama’s transition team. He was named an advisor to Energy Secretary Steven Chu and was charged with helping oversee a loan guarantee program authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the economic stimulus program.
I think the problem here is that unless this guy has a lot of accomplishments not discovered by the Herald's reporter, the only thing he should have been advising the government on was sports and wellness. To appoint him as an "advisor" to the head of the DOE--and then give him the job of "overseeing" the loan guarantee program to companies claiming to have ideas for green energy--would seem the height of incompetence.

If the story is correct, Spinner was a political cheerleader/fundraiser who in prior administrations would have been appointed ambassador to Baluchistan or some similar place. Instead Obama put him in as the overseer of a $28 Billion dollar boondoggle program.

Can anyone be surprised at the outcome?


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