Tuesday, September 6

"You need a license to breathe"--small town in Indiana

This will make your blood boil.

Some jerkwater town in Indiana--Burns Harbor, to give scorn where scorn is way past due--passed an ordinance that requires that anyone who wants to sell *anything* in that town must first apply for and be issued a license.

So whaddya have to do for a license? Simply be fingerprinted, pass a background check (!), and fork over a hundred bucks to the miserable excuse for a council.

Now, ain't nobody gonna miss much by not being able to sell stuff in a town of 1,156 people. But of course that's not the point. Because if this is allowed to stand, every jerkwater council from here to New York will jump on that same train.

Far too many city councilmen are morons--the kind of people who could be persuaded to vote against half of the amendments in the Bill of Rights--assuming they even know what they are.

Politicians are not to be trusted, period. And that mistrust goes up exponentially the farther up the chain you go. Problem in a small town is, they get in, and reward fifty friends, and you can never get them out.

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